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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Current Reading, Future Project

I'm currently reading "The Seven Stages of Money Maturity" by George Kinder. In his section on "Innocence" (the first stage) he has an exercise, a list of questions to answer.

Well, the book is due at the library on Wednesday, and I doubt I'll get to finish it before then. So, I'm typing the list of questions so I can still play with the book once I return it.

Page 41 reads:

"Answering the questions that follow will help your understanding of how money messages have affected you financial life.

What are your three earliest memories of money?
When and how did money first enter your relationship with your mother? ...your father?
What is your first memory involving money and a close relative? A shopkeeper? A neighbor?
What were your family stories about money (e.g., about Grandpa losing the farm in the Depression, or the time Auntie Mae had to go on welfare)? Were these stories told with an air of approval or disapproval?
What did your mother have to say about money?... your father...?
Did you ever worry about money? What did you say to yourself when you were worrying?
What are all the one-sentence lessons you learned about money while growing up? Who spoke each of these lessons? Which ideas did you accept? Which did you reject?
What were your first money experiences with cars, homes, insurance, stocks, bonds, lawyers, brokers or financial planners, legal papers, and banks? What messages did you carry out of these experiences? Do you respond to the same messages today?

How have your beliefs about money hurt your life and cause suffering?
How do you still make choices based on beliefs right now, at this very moment? List the ways. Do you continue to want to live by these messages?"

Ok, list done. Now to continue reading as much as I can get done before the book must be returned.


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