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Thursday, April 27, 2006

A commercial told me to go to and I said ok. (Yup, there is a tv in my life again.) I liked the website. The Lincoln Financial Group's website has easy to find information, financial education for teens, a quiz for how in need of financial planning you are, just all around useful stuff.

I, apparently, am in relatively high need of planning. I agree with the quiz, actually. The good news is I AM currently saving for retirement, and Erik does have disability insurance. I (we) still need to come up with an actual plan (although we do have vision), need to decide what we'll do in terms of college (or other) savings for Jasper, need to write a simple will and a living will...

We'll share our progress as it happens.
Where do you stand as far as planning for your financial future? Perhaps LFG will help you.


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