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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Java - it isn't a Latte

Erik has an awesome project he's working on. Maybe he'll want to post about it, but most of his computer time has been used working on it, so I'm posting just in case he doesn't have time to get around to it.

He loves learning about computers, especially programming. He also loves learning on his own through books. Classes can be nice, but then you don't get to work on your own schedule at your own pace, and you have to pay someone extra to tell you what to do. So, he's been getting books from the library to study up on programming languages - with his current focus on Java. Unfortunately, most library books are a bit outdated - but this way he can find the series or publisher that's most helpful, and then buy the most up-to-date book of that kind. Buying a book = less than buying a class. (So far, he's only purchased one - though the library piles continue to stack high.)

Also, knowledge is our greatest asset (I still need to post a "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" review, don't I!) and the more of this kind of stuff Erik knows, the more options he has in the job market. (Being able to fix just about anything is a pretty good asset too, both job market wise and money savings around the house.)

Anyway, he's begun creating something that might be pretty complicated for his first Java program, but it will be beautifully worth it. He's making our very own personalized budgeting program. He's taking concepts from the spreadsheet we began using (although we've really modified it) and planning to make everything much more automated. This is to save me time when I sit down and look at our money once a week. (Although, I don't mind the time I spend - I think it's fun, really.)

It may be a long time before it's done, but once it is, we'll have our own little online launch party.


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