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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Big Bucks, And Then...

From "Seven Stages of Money Maturity" pg. 154...

"You may not be as wealthy as Bill Gates or the Sultan of Brunei, but you do have all the money you need, now and in the future. What will you do with it? From this moment forward, how will you live your life?"

I'm not sure how Erik would answer this, but I'll play for now.

I would set up a trust fund to ensure that although I have all the money I *need*, I would still have extra for helping my loved ones, and having some extra money I'd *want* to play with.
Completely pay off my debts (read Student Loan).
I would then either directly pay off the debts of those close to me, or would at least help in whatever way seems best - either loaning them $ to pay off high interest loans, or giving them money and setting them up with a financial planner to help them help themselves out of debt.
I would pay for a good lawyer for my sis-in-law.
I would pay for my in-laws to makeover their home the way they'd like it... or at the very least pay for the new deck and replace the broken window.
Buy farmland and get going gung-ho. Plant an edible forest, and also have land to grow for perhaps selling at farmer's markets - or setting up a restaurant like the One World Cafe.
Create a Game Space, for indoor and outdoor adventures.
Build our dream home - green house/home.
Begin the arts mentoring program I'd like to set up, or at the very least donate lots to WRAP, P:Ear, and other groups with similar missions.
Travel! All Over the place. Visit new fun places, family, and more. Maybe I would even set up a family travel fund, so that my entire family could get together once ever few years, fully paid for.
Send Jasper to Waldorf School.
Learn a martial art.
Buy a Grand Piano and begin taking lessons again.
Better yet, create a music studio, with all the recording equipment. I could even rent it out for real cheap to people.
Get a sail boat.
Hmmm... I can't think of much else I would do.
Take classes, learn more. Ballet, Yoga, Law, Nursing, Herbs, Reiki, Medicine, Financial Planning and Investing, Gourmet Cooking, Waldorf Education, Psychology, etc.
Perhaps set up some sort of entrepreneur fund to invest in new products or projects that intrigue me.


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