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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Big Bucks, And Then...II

"Seven Stages" cont. pg. 156

"You've just come back from a visit to the doctor who has discovered from your lab reports that you have only five to ten years to live. In a way you're lucky. This particular disease has no manifestations, so you won't feel sick. The bad part is that you will have no warning about the moment of your death. It will simply come upon you in an unpredictable instant, sudden and final.

Let the emotional import of the situation sink in, then address yourself to this interwoven question: "Knowing death is waiting for you sooner than you expected, how will you change your life? And what will you do in the uncertain but substantial period you have remaining?"

I would work even faster and harder than I have been on getting "death business" in order, trusts, wills, etc.
I would make sure to visit family as often as possible.
I would have to sit down with Erik and seriously ponder weather we should have more children, and how soon we should try.
I would finish my picture book.
I would go dancing more often.
That's all I can really come up with.


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