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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Revision on Portfolio Choices

I'm already thinking of revising my 401k choices...
As I haven't explained yet, I chose the small-cap fund and the bond fund for exactly those reasons... they were the only choice for small-cap or bonds in the plan.

I'm rethinking for two reasons, though.
The first is I finished browsing YF&B last night, and it ends with a page of don't. One of the don't is "Do not... invest in a mutual fund with the letter A or B at the end of its name. That's a sign that there will be a sales commission attached-it can be 5 percent. That's a silly waste of your money." PTRA and GTSA both end in A.

PTRAX. So Bonds, I was thinking, are a secure, so why don't I throw SOME security in there, especially since this PIMCO fund currently hold a 5 star rating. Being conservative somewhere is wise, right? But now I think... I'm just 27 and Erik is 32. Now is the time to be aggressive. Plus, choosing an index fund is conservative enough for now. So never mind on the PTRAX. Then again, Google says this is a no-load fund. Where are the charges that the "A" at the end of the name indicates?

Small-cap surely isn't conservative at all, but I thought I should at least throw a little in the mix. But if that little is the only small-cap option they give, it carries added fees, has an unimpressive history, and has a low star rating - why bother. So, never mind to you too, GTSAX.

So that's 10% of our 401k allocations up for grabs.
Should I throw that in to the Aggressive "Lifestyle" fund, or divvy it up among the other choices... hmmm...


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