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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Yesterday's Money

Yesterday, I had an eye exam at 3:30, and dropped Erik off at the Max station close to 11:30. I decided to kill the four intervening hours by very slowly running errands, instead of driving home and back out to town again.

I brought Jasper's Money Jar with me so I could deposit those coins and get started in on saving for him. Unfortunately, not all credit unions are created equal. At some, you can deposit your money into your account at another credit union. Although the nearest CU had a change machine that would count it all free of charge, they did not do deposits into other institutions - so no luck there. The nearest branch of the credit union we belong to is their only branch without a change machine. So, I'll have to wait until I'm downtown again to deposit anything. That won't be until next Monday. Hopefully the change jar doesn't get stolen between now and then. I forgot to take it out of the car yesterday - and it's parked at a Max parking lot today...

More adventures in money-land yesterday, the ever exciting cliff-hangers of the insurance industry. Financially speaking, the exam went as expected: nothing but a $10 copay. However, the same did not hold true for the lenses and frames. The girl at the glasses store could not tell me exactly what insurance covered, or even the parameters to work in even after speaking to our insurance reps. The best we could do was pick out a pair, enter a claim, and enter it to see the charges. They ended up wanting $150 or so for the pair we picked out and I said, no way! I want the 100% coverage (minus $10 copay) my insurance claims to give. It should say somewhere on the info they gave us what their "allowables" are. Other than listing covered places, no luck.

So, for now, my vision has been checked - a new prescription is sitting in my wallet, but I'm still driving nervously fuzzy-eyed.


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