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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

2006 Spendings

Here's a look at more spending totals for 2006:

Birth & New Baby Stuff: (as stated in the last post)

Travel: (3 roadtrips, 2 flight trips)

Out of Pocket Medical: (my Meds, and several co-pays for well baby and sick baby visits)

Education: (which should eventually get refunded through Erik's job)

Toward Student Loan: (I have to figure out why the interest I paid and the statement they gave me have such wildly different amounts for what I payed in interest and can claim on taxes)

All things Car Related: (Gas, repairs, insuance, etc.)
-> $1365

"Fun & Flexible" Spendings:
Gifts/Donations (from Erik, Me, and Both of us...)

Clothes (Me, refreshing my entire wardrobe with going-out-of business deals)

Books (Almost entirely computer programming books)




I'm ok with these numbers. We did well last year.

Hopefully I'll remember to post a savings report soon. For now, I need to go care for the fussy baby.


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