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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Share your Monthly Bills...

Our two-year contract with Verizon was finally done, and it was time to shop around. We'd been thinking of switching, but then so much of our family uses Verizon that we weren't sure.

Here's a money saving tip, that we just applied: Share your family plan with MORE of your friends and family. Now, instead of ~$75/month split between two of us, the bill will be ~$100/month split between us, two uncles, and a grandma. That makes our share $40/month for a savings of $35/month!

Also, we've been renting two to three movies a month. Hollywood Video has a monthly deal for three movies at a time, and many rentals as you want a month, for $15. We found two others who wanted to go in on the deal, added their names to our account, and now we all can have as many rentals as we want, one at a time, for only $5/month. Erik drives past the video store every day on his way to and from work, so it's no extra effort for us to pick up and drop off in person. So this will be another money saver for us, saving us about $3-$10/month.



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