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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cost of Health - Two Letters

Two letters came in the mail yesterday. The first was from OHSU:

"This is NOT a bill"

The visit summary for Jasper's hospitalization looks like this:
Lab - $42
Other Diagnostic svc - $23.70
OR Services - $3,419.50
Pharmacy - $159.84
Room Charges - $2,164.00
Supplies - $830.71

Total Charges - $6,639.75

Please note: OHSU Medical Group will bill you separately on behalf of your physicians.

Now we sit tight and see if the $20 copay is truly all we have to pay...

The second letter made our blood boil:

"Dear Erik Lane,
Patient: Amber. Date of Service: 3/3/06 [Jasper's Birth]
To process your medical claim, we had previously requested additional information from you and/or your health care provider. Unfortunately, we did not receive a response, and as a result your claim has been denied."

This is the third letter denying any claims regarding Jasper's birth. Every one has been for a different asinine reason, like the patient was the wrong gender. (They billed under Jasper's name instead of mine.) This is SO ridiculous! Erik spent HOURS dealing with the insurance company BEFORE Jasper's birth to ensure its coverage, and we have two letters in writing saying they will cover it with in-network benefits. Now, we're fighting the exact same fight all over again.

The insurance company says the information they requested, but never received was the name and tax id of the physicians at the birth. Funny how that exact information was already listed on the summary of benefits they sent us! Growl.


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