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Friday, June 16, 2006

Applying for a Job

So I occasionally browse Craigslist for work-at-home part-time jobs. Most often, they're outright sales jobs, or cryptic ads that don't tell you what the job is but say "contact us for more details" (read:sales, likely the pyramid scheme variety).

I don't NEED to get a job right now, but I keep thinking it would help our savings and help pay off my loan quicker. It would also be good for me to have something that will force me to get moving when I'm feeling lazy.

I would only apply for a job that would give me the flexibility to still mother Jasper full time.

Last night, I found the perfect job. It's for a "Great Escapes" Coordinator for the Starlight Foundation. In other words, I'd be planning fun events for sick children and their families. This is SO perfect for me! Not only is it work I can do while Mothering, it's right in line with my skill set. I'd still get to work in the non-profit sector, and do something I'd be proud of.

So last night and this morning I refined my resume and wrote a cover letter, and sent it off with Erik to fax for me. (The add said fax only.) Well, the fax number they gave didn't work, it went to an office phone directory line every time. I want the job bad enough, that even though the add said no emails or phone calls, I left a phone message saying the fax number wouldn't work, and I looked up their email address and sent my resume.

Wish me luck!


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