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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Simple Update

*I never heard back about the job, so oh well.
*I did buy a CD, but only one. $500 for 6 months with GMAC. I figured if I want to start laddering, I'll wait one or three months and buy another one.
*I decided to leave the 401k with my original choices.
*I've been getting a 30/day free trial of the Investors Business Daily. Unfortunately, I haven't really been reading it daily, so I know it's definitely not worth my while at this point. Besides, I'd prefer online news - less waste of paper.

*I need help. I was reminded again this weekend of my issues with our current IRA status (through a broker instead of independent). Erik reminded me that they didn't even give us the deal they promised regarding their fees. We were supposed to be charged at the same rate as his parents, because they referred us. They are actually charging us more (because we have less money in our accounts). No good. They also purchased two funds without ever even consulting us on it. They only ever talked to us about one fund, but then went ahead and bought three. Erik's grandmother also wasn't too impressed with them. What I would like to do is keep everything exactly as it is - with Charles Schwab, and the same $s in the same funds - and just cut out the middle man. Unfortunately, I have zero idea HOW to do it. Should I just open another IRA and begin putting our money in to that instead, and leave what they (the brokers) already have alone? Can you have more than one IRA at a time? (We have one each.) It sounds like you can.


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