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Monday, July 10, 2006

Quick Insurance Update

So the latest news is that the *real* reason for all the insurance claim rejections is lack of an attending physician.

Erik (to the insurance company on the phone): It was a birth center, with a midwife. We've given you all their information.
Insurance: But who was the attending physician?
Erik: There wasn't one. It was with midwives.
Insurance: But who do they work under? Who do they report to?
Erik: It's a birth center. They don't report to anyone...
Insurance: You know, like every nurse is under a doctor. It's the same with midwives.
Erik: No it's not. They're an independent birth center.
I: But then who's there if something goes wrong?
Erik: The hospital, five minutes away.
I: Well, what doctor at the hospital are they under?

They just don't get it! So, for the next claim, we'll get all the info. from the midwives we can about the emergency plan (which thankfully, was not needed). Perhaps we can even find a doctor's info that could possibly have attended to any emergency situation, just to make the insurance company happy.

The thing that really gets me is that using a birth center vs. a hospital saves the insurance company money. It's so much cheaper! Oh well... the adventure continues.


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