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Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Point

I've been thinking about blogging and blogs in general lately.

First, I was thinking, what's the point?
Well, with our other blog, it's easy. It's simply an online scrapbook of our lives. Simple. Doesn't matter if anyone else reads it, or comments (although we love comments), it's mostly an excellent way to keep a digital notebook of our lives.

But this one has a different point. It's meant to share what we learn, and chronicle our adventures in the financial world. But what's the point of sharing when you have a readership of two? Why read this blog when there are so many other excellent money related blogs out there? "Well Amber," the two readers reply, "It's because we know you."

So I've been thinking about what makes a quality blog. What keeps me reading the blogs I read, besides just ones of people I know? Here are some of those things:
*They look pretty. Yeah, I'm going to end up reading them from an RSS or atom feed anyway, but when they look nice, it just gives the impression that they put more thought into the whole thing. I don't think this blog looks pretty at all, and I sure would like to change that. Maybe I could at least use more pictures.
*They are useful. Parenthacks is full of great ideas. Get Rich Slowly is full of great advice. But who am I to advise? But, as the popular [not] Nelson Mandella quote responds, "Who am I not to?" So, as I have advice about money related things, even if I'm not following them completely, I should share, yes? Erik and I are frugal enough without even thinking about it, that I should share what I notice may be helpful to others. Like expounding on the virtues of Baking Soda!
*They are often entertaining. See PunnyMoney, for example. Trouble is, a lot of the best financial advice isn't. Buy and hold - for a long time. Budget. Once you're set up - there's not really much exciting business to talk about. But as this is about our adventures, I'll try.
*They're not too personal. Well, too bad. This one is gonna be personal. But, to be useful to people, I'll try to find the lesson in our personal adventures so they'll be worthwhile. For example, if you want your rent deposit back from a lazy landlord, threaten them with court in writing - and if you research, you can make the threat really scary for them by saying things like "The law (ORS 90.300) says that I am entitled to twice the amount wrongfully withheld."


  • At 7/07/2006 9:52 PM, Blogger J.D. said…

    I think that what makes a quality blog varies based on a number of factors. There are not set rules, even though some people would want you to believe there are.

    It's true thatt I prefer blogs that engage me on a personal level in someway, meaning I either now the blogger, have some connection to them (through a shared interest), or can derive personal edification from the content.

    The only blogs I truly find worthless are those without a point: the blogs that ramble about nothing, the blogs that don't tell stories. Generally, if a blog is well-written, and each entry has a focus, it will be of interest to someone; the key is finding that someone (or, ideally, those someones).

    Your blog is well-written. You tell good stories. I'm glad so much of your personality shows through. (My personality is strong on my personal blog, but I've opted to suppress it at Get Rich Slowly.)

    Just keep doing what you're doing!


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