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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


We just got back from a trip to go visit my sister's family in St. George, Utah.
By our standards, we did not vacation frugally. We did, however, work in almost 100% for the vacation, so we didn't worry at all about money and we didn't go over our budget.
The biggest money-sucker was eating out almost ever lunch and dinner. Eating out, as I've written before, is usually part of our vacation planning, so there was no guilt (although there was a lot of gas, but that's another story).

I had an only-available-in-Utah, Sconecutter cookie dough shake. (ok, I ordered two on different days, but could only eat half of each) Erik had never even heard of a Navajo Taco, so one of these days we'll have to get him a real one. He had the Sconecutter version, and I had one of their egg sandwiches. Not that I love Sconecutter's, it's just that you can't get anything like it anywhere else.

We bought food at no less than four different Mexican restaurants, probably more, and one nice Thai food place.

Other than food, we didn't spend that much. No hotel. We pitched in for the cost of gas. My sister already had a pass to Zion's National Park. And the dinosaur discovery museum we went to was only $3 per adult.

Well, it's time to go back to doing laundry and cleaning - recovering from the vacation.

Oh, and we decided it probably would be cheaper to drive instead of fly next time we head down there. And we'll have to go in early spring or late fall. Too darn hot!


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