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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Berry Expensive

Raspberries and Blackberries are on sale at Albertson's, 2 pints for $3 according to this site.
U-pick for $____ (I couldn't find prices online. I think it's because raspberry season is past. I found $14/crate for blueberries, though.)
Buy and plant your own vines, $4.50 + work and effort to grow them from this site.
Pick raspberries from a friend's patch $0, plus time.
A friend picks and gives to you, $Obligation to return the tasty favor in some way.

We spent much time picking raspberries this month.
Then we purchased a steam juicer and made sweet raspberry juice. Fantastic during the HOT weather.
I won't tell you how much money we didn't have to spend on berries...

Blackberries will be ripe soon, and they grow wild (=free) all over this area.


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