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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Grumble grumble at eBay

So we're once again working on a weekend of clearing out stuff.
I had two items posted for sale on Craigslist for a week or so, but with no takers, so I decided it was time for eBay.

The thing about eBay is all the extra fees. Posting fees. Fees for extra pictures. Paypal fees, etc. If you can find a buyer on Craigslist = no fees, but a bit extra effort to make the actual exchange.

So I went through the effort of posting these two items on eBay yesterday. In the past, we've made a note that we can't accept credit card payments, but other Paypal payments were fine. The reason for this was the added fees. To accept credit card payments you must upgrade to a business account, and they charge you more.

This morning, we got an email from eBay saying our listing had been removed because it's against Paypal's terms of service to say that you'll accept Paypal bank payments, but not Paypal credit card payments. And poof, the listings are gone. Not even a saved template where you can go back and say "fine, I'll pay your extra fine to let them use credit card."

So we looked it up and here's how it works. You can't accept Paypal and say you don't accept credit card. You don't get hit with the extra fees until you're a business account. You have to be a business account to accept credit card. Once you are a business account, you pay the extra fees even if they DON'T use credit card. You can only downgrade from a business account once, and we've already used that one time.

So our new opinion: eBay Stinks! We also don't like how the bidding system is set up. We think it would be a better option for all parties involved to keep the item listed until there are no bids for a while. That way, the seller can have an idea what it will go for, and people that really want it will pay what they feel it's worth. Instead, you get it listed for a set number of days, and those who want it bid at the very last second to try to get the best deal.

Luckily, I suddenly got replies on the Craigslist postings, and have fee-free buyers for both items!


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