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Thursday, August 10, 2006

More Baking Soda

So we are close to being out of our store bought toothpaste. Erik has used Cinnamon Crest (which I couldn't stand the smell of while I was pregnant, but it's fine otherwise) and I've been using Tom's of Maine's Silly Strawberry. (It was the only fluoride-free toothpaste I could find at the time... but that's a different story.)

I've been browsing around online, 'cause I know you can use Baking Soda (the household wonder-product) to make a toothpowder or paste. I made a trial toothpowder and boy is it salty! I added more baking soda to try and dull it down some, and it's slightly better. I have some fresh mint drying that I'll grind up and add for flavor once it's ready. So the verdict for me so far is "Wow, salty! But I'll keep trying." My teeth feel nice and clean, though.

Here's what I did:
A few spoonfuls of baking soda (for cleaning/whitening)
a spoonful of salt (for cleaning)
a few drops of hydrogen peroxide (for whitening)
a drop of tea tree oil (for disinfecting)
and some ground rosemary ('cause the plant that lived in my bathroom had dried out, and for flavor)

I put them in a small jam jar with a lid, wet my brush, and dip it in.

Cost in money: Oh I don't know, I already had all the stuff to make it
Cost in time: A few minutes


  • At 8/18/2006 9:01 PM, Anonymous ric said…

    the one time I tried it... really, really yucky!
    then again... i don't much like any of the other toothpastes either.

  • At 8/24/2006 7:36 AM, Blogger Amber said…

    When first switched to Tom's of Maine, I went "ack!" I didn't like the grainy feeling. But I took their challenge and tried it for seven days. Now, I really dislike mainstream toothpaste. It taste like nothing but chemicals to me. I kept at it with tooth powder, and now I'm used to the salty taste and love how squeeky clean my teeth feel. If Erik hates it will stick with store bought, but if he doesn't mind we'll go cheepo powder style.

  • At 9/18/2006 11:24 AM, Blogger Peter said…

    hydrogen peroxide is sort of an unstable bond, and when exposed to oxygen it quickly turns into, well, water. So, make sure there's little-to-no air space left in the jar, and make sure you close it tightly...


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