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Friday, August 11, 2006

Road Trips

Three money lessons I've learned on road trips...
From a comment I left on J.D.'s Get Rich Slowly today (he just learned about paying parking fees at his hotel):

Personally, I have to be careful what snacks I pack for road trips. (Too many snacks = too much eating, and feeling icky from all the junk.) Buying something when you stop to use a bathroom is like a tip - and after I visited Italy where you DO tip to use a toilet, I though 'Nobody deserves a tip more than the person who cleans the toilet!' (I usually expect to eat out while on the road, so I just budget for it. It's part of the vacation for me.)

I had a question about tipping my first time in New Jersey. I‚’d never lived in a state where you don't pump your own gas, which means if someone else pumps, you tip. I drove by every gas station looking for a self-serve station, and finally gave up. (Learned later it's like Oregon, you don't pump your own anywhere.) I tipped the guy, but I had no idea if it was the right thing to do, or how much was right. (Noted: no need to tip in states where full-serve is state law.)

I also had trouble on a road trip finding a place to camp overnight where there was no fee. A traveling "hick" (sorta) myself, I'd never paid to camp before. We finally did find a free place, but I was nervous because I wasn't sure camping was even legal there.

Happy travels! Even if driving ends up more expensive, a drive along the Pacific Coast is a must-do. The view is worth the money.


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